Private Medical Insurance

What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance is designed to fund any private medical treatment for “acute conditions”, which relates to a disease, injury or illness that requires active, but short-term treatment.


Essentially, private medical insurance provides treatment for any condition that arises after the plan has been taken out, with a focus on returning someone to the state of health they were in prior to their illness or injury. Therefore, private medical insurance doesn’t typically involve care for long-term (chronic) conditions.

How does private medical insurance work?

Private medical insurance typically involves a monthly payment to your insurance provider. In the majority of cases, medical treatment will begin with a GP referral for specialist treatment.


These referrals can be made through either an NHS GP or a private GP. From the point of referral, any treatment will be managed by your private medical insurer (as long as the treatment is covered in your policy), with the aim of providing you with quick, convenient and high-quality medical treatment.


You will work closely with your private medical insurer throughout this process, with a tailored treatment plan to each individual being made.

What is Corporate medical insurance?

Corporate health insurance is a type of business insurance that can fund the diagnosis, treatment and other healthcare services for the employees of an organisation.


The business will pay for this insurance policy, which aims to provide every employee with quick access to high-quality healthcare when they need it. There are a range of different policy types, with every business – from small enterprises to multinational companies – having the potential to take out a policy that fits their circumstances.


Typical services that are included in corporate medical insurance policies include mental health and wellbeing cover, funding for certain types of treatment and access to a wider range of treatment types that usually aren’t available on the NHS.

What are the benefits of corporate medical insurance?

There are several benefits to corporate medical insurance. Corporate medical insurance policies can help to attract high-calibre employees to a business, which should lead to increased financial performance.


It can also help an organisation to retain their staff, allowing for consistency. As employees will have access to high-quality healthcare services, it should reduce absence, while boosting employee wellbeing. These various benefits can result in improved company culture, a reduction in workplace accidents and an increase in productivity – all of which are highly-valued areas for any business.


The plans are also highly customisable and can fit the exact requirements of a business, making it highly relevant and specific to each company.

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