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Want to provide your employees with the medical peace of mind enjoyed by millions across the UK? A company health insurance policy is a great way to show staff that you care, while also ensuring your business brings out the best in your employees. Keep your teams healthy and happy with a corporate health insurance policy that’s designed purposely to suit your organisation and promote a culture of wellbeing at work. See what a company health insurance plan can do for you, your employees and your business.

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Company health insurance in the UK

Private healthcare in the UK is becoming more popular and sought after. With private health insurance, individuals get swift access to medical experts, private facilities and treatment. It offers peace of mind, knowing that if any issues may arise, they can be addressed promptly and professionally.

For some, however, personal private health insurance isn’t always attainable. Which is why many businesses offer private health cover through a company health insurance plan. Business health plans cover the cost of private medical treatment and provide access to healthcare professionals for your employees, so they can be fighting fit and bringing their A game to work, every day.

Organisations of all sizes can provide varying levels of private medical insurance through a company healthcare plan. With flexible cover options, you can tailor your plan to include what matters most to you and your employees.

Insuring employees for their physical and mental health not only demonstrates a culture of understanding and support, but also increases the overall average health of your workforce. Reducing illness, stress and fatigue while improving the general wellbeing, morale and productivity of employees is the key to creating a happy, healthy working environment.

Business health insurance costs in the UK

As with any private health insurance policy, business medical insurance costs can vary depending on many factors. The main aspects that will determine the cost per employee are as follows:

  • Level of cover:The more comprehensive your policy coverage, the higher the premium per employee will be.
  • Number of employees: Private company medical insurance is an optional extra for staff. The cost per employee will depend on how many take up cover.
  • Average age: Younger employees are cheaper to cover, so taking an average based on all staff who will be insured finds a suitable middle ground.
  • Job type: The nature of your business and the types of occupation that need to be insured can affect premiums.
  • Location: Different areas of the country have different levels of private healthcare access and costs. This will be reflected in the cost of your policy.
  • Excess: As the holder of the policy, your business will pay an excess for coverage. The higher the agreed excess, the lower the premiums, and vice versa.

Ensure employee wellbeing with private treatment

Private healthcare benefits are myriad and varied. You can select a combination of options depending on the level of cover you choose for your business health insurance. If you’re considering company healthcare, it’s important to choose the right options and level of cover to suit your organisation and benefit your employees.

Here are some of the main areas you can choose to include in a business health insurance plan:


Private hospital procedures and operations, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy (when you include additional cancer cover).

Access to a private GP

Prompt and convenient access to a private GP in person, reducing wait times and easing the process for treatment and referrals.


Getting diagnostic results can be nerve-wracking, especially if there’s a long wait. Private medical cover allows you to fast-track the process of finding out what’s wrong if you or one of your employees becomes unwell.

Mental health cover

Go beyond just covering your employees’ physical health with additional access to mental health treatment too.

Outpatient care

Employees with a GP referral can be seen quickly by a specialist at a time and place suitable for them.

Additional therapies

Choose to add cover for referred treatments by an osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, homoeopath or chiropractor.

International health insurance (Travel cover)

Additional cover for emergency medical treatment while abroad, whether for business or pleasure, is available.

Optician and dental insurance

Cover to provide employees with cash-back towards dentists’ fees, glasses, contact lenses and eye tests.

Pre-existing condition cover

You can choose to have your business health insurance underwritten, so employees with a pre-existing medical condition can be covered for an additional premium.

Enhanced cover

Some policies allow you to broaden the level of cover you can offer employees. These options may allow you to provide more options for where your people can be treated, as well as give extra cover for the routine management of chronic conditions like asthma and pre-approved treatment abroad.

Further assistance

Many insurers also offer additional life counselling help for businesses to give employees even better support. Different programmes can give staff access to trained professionals to talk to on the phone or in person, about anything they might be struggling with.

With so many cover options available, it can be difficult to know exactly what would be best for your organisation and employees. Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss your business, the kind of healthcare cover you’d like, and to get expert advice.

I already have small business health insurance; can I switch providers?

If you already have small business health insurance cover for employees in the UK, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop around for alternative providers.

Businesses grow and evolve, and sometimes that means healthcare insurance coverage needs to be adjusted to fit. If this sounds familiar, the small business healthcare benefits your current policy offers may no longer be sufficient to fulfil employee requirements. Different policies are designed to accommodate different businesses and their needs, so looking for something more suitable is a sound course of action.

A small business health insurance policy may be limited in how many employees you can include, or not be able to provide a full range of coverage options. Additionally, as organisations change, the business medical insurance cost per employee can change too. Private medical insurance provided through an employer is considered a ‘benefit in kind’ in the UK, which means it is subject to tax too. This can affect the cost for each employee, so finding the right policy to affordably cover your organisation and employees is of paramount importance.

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