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Why choose the inSpire Health care plan?

The inSpire Health insurance care plan allows you to flexibly manage your healthcare. Whether you want to receive treatment for a serious illness, have easy access to consult with a specialist healthcare provider regarding symptoms, or simply get advice on your fitness, an inSpire policy can help you customise your healthcare to suit your needs.

Underwritten by AXA PPP healthcare and distributed by Clear Health, the inSpire insurance health plan offers a wide range of health benefits and cover, provided by medical insurance specialists with over 75 years of experience.

With an inSpire Health policy, you can choose which Spire Healthcare hospital you want to be treated at, and select which of the highly skilled medical specialists you would like to make an appointment with.

Support through serious illness

Should you require it, your inSpire Health insurance covers you for a variety of treatments and care for serious illness or injury. This will include inpatient hospital charges, from operations and accommodation to nursing care, drugs and treatments. It also protects you for fees incurred from specialist consultation and diagnostic tests, providing you’ve been referred by a specialist to receive them.

The prolonged support that you can receive under your policy extends beyond simply initial treatment. You will also have direct access to physiotherapy if the treatment is as an in -patient or day-patient, that is included as part of your private treatment within a hospital.

Making the most of your inSpire Health cover

Taking out a policy with inSpire Health gives you access to a variety of medical professionals, services, private hospitals and day-patient units, all of which are covered completely by your insurance. If you choose or have to use a different facility that’s not on the list for any reason, your health insurance policy will cover 60 percent of the cost. Make sure you pay particular attention to which hospitals and day-patient units are completely covered to determine if they will best suit your needs.

Optional extras

When arranging your inSpire Health plan, you have the choice to adjust your plan by adding additional covers. These can provide extra levels of coverage for out-patient health services, mental health, therapies, private dentist and optician services. You can also consult with your broker about additional travel insurance policies when you’re planning a trip.

It’s worth remembering that an inSpire Health private insurance plan isn’t designed to replace NHS treatment entirely; it’s there to add to and reinforce the medical care you can receive from the NHS. For instance, any treatment you can receive from the NHS within six weeks of needing it would not be covered should you seek a private appointment or consultation.

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